Cupcake Toppers

I am not going to lie, but the cupcake and I have a somewhat difficult relationship. It starts with the fussy way of eating it. If the cupcake is served on a plate with a fork I am good to go. But what are you supposed to do when the cupcake is handed to you in it’s little wrapper and nothing else?  Do you peel the wrapper and then try to take a bite, knowing full well that the frosting will stick to your nose, or do you lick it and then eat the cake? Although the later version is, admittedly adorable on a three year old, less so on a grown woman…..

Now, once I am on the other side of the cupcake process and create them there are a few advantages. Number 1; they only need to bake 22 minutes. Yep, 48 cupcakes in 22 minutes. Amazing, right? Number 2; frosting them is super easy and last but not least there are structural components that I never ever need to worry about. A cupcake is just a cupcake after all.

But, making cupcake toppers can be fussy. At least for me. They are very small, very detailed and most of the time they need to look alike. So unless they are accompanied by a cake, or have a totally awesome theme that I can’t resist, or they are for a wonderful cause I tend to say no. Queue; the Bainbridge Island Marching Band!

Apparently the Marching Band is doing amazingly well, they just got 1st in their division so one of the mom’s decided cupcakes are in order. I couldn’t agree more!

This seasons music is Mystery, some Sherlock Holmes, Jeckyll and Hyde, etc. and the toppers are supposed to be easy and simple. The mom decided on black silhouettes on different back grounds.



Here’s the how to:

I got a copy of the Marching Band poster and scaled and cut out the black silhouette man. Next step (and that’s the really awesome one) I wrapped it in heavy duty packaging tape. Front and back and cut it out one more time. You might be wondering why the heck did she do that? Well, do you see the bloody dagger and the arm sticking out of the body???

There is no way that I can put that flimsy thin piece of paper on fondant and cut along the outside over and over and over again, without severing the head or arm of the paper. But, here’s the beauty of wrapping it in packaging tape it gets very sturdy, it can be reused as often as you’d like and you can even wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Brilliant, right?

Place your newly created template on fondant, I actually used a 1:1 mixture of fondant and modeling chocolate, trace the template and attach it with a bit of water on a fondant background. Repeat, and repeat and repeat…

I use the same technique for sculpted cakes, but that will be the topic of a different post.

If you have any questions please comment below and ‘Happy Caking’


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