The Decorated Cake Board

The well decorated cake board can elevate your cake from ‘that’s a nice cake’ to jaw dropping speechlessness. Well, that’s at least how I feel about it.

Truth is though, it can make a smaller cake project very fancy, or you can add a lot more details without the baking bit. My go to materials are 1/4 inch foam core boards and a glue gun. With these two you can get a lot done in record time!

For this project I was asked to make a turbocharger on a workbench. Do I know what a turbocharger is? No, of course not, so thank you google! Since the cake needed to be somewhat smallish I decided to turn the cake board into a workbench.

Here’s the how to:

The workbench needed to be about 14″ wide, 20″ long and 1″thick. To get the 1″ thickness, I needed to glue 4 sheets of boards together.

I penciled the outline of the bench on the first sheet (using a quilting ruler saves lots of time) and cut it out with my trusted exacto knife. Repeat three more times. Take your glue gun and glue three of the boards together. The fourth board will come later, put it aside for the time being.

The following technique can be used for wood floor patterns, crate panels, it’s beautiful on the side of cakes and yes it’s perfect for workbenches too! It is very versatile.

Brush your board with a good layer of piping gel, or corn syrup to make it sticky. (Not needed if you are working on a cake.) Roll your fondant to the desired size and drape it over the board. I use my quilting ruler to make indents every 2 inches. Indent a line to signify the end of each floor board at random intervals. Looking intently at my own wood floor in the kitchen I vaguely copy the patterns on each board. Sugar Shapers work beautifully or if you don’t have them the end of a small paintbrush works just as well!cakeboard9The finished product will look something like that. Do you see the little knot on the bottom of the picture?

just push your tool into the fondant like such and it gives you the perfect impression.

It’s time to grab the fourth foam core board! Flip it around and mark where you would like to attach your table legs. (I got a 2″ x 1″ piece of wood from the hardware store and cut it into 3″ lengths.) After you are happy with the placement take your beloved glue gun and glue them on. To make absolutely sure that the whole structure won’t collapse, I flipped the board over again and sunk screws into the legs as well. The cake needed to travel quite a bit…

After it’s all secured, glue your table top onto the legs and voila! It’s a workbench. You can either wrap a ribbon, or panel the sides with fondant using the same technique as above. [Which is what I did.]

Now to make the board pop and actually look like wood we’ll need to open up the color cupboard. The color of choice for the workbench is dogwood petal dust from The Sugar Art. Any light wood colored petal dust will do. You can also cut darker colors with cornstarch to create the desired hue. cakeboard17I added a lot of lemon extract to the dust. There should be just a hint of color. If it’s too light you can always add more layers. Take a broad stiff paintbrush, dip it into your color and give it a go! I tend to work from board to board and along the grain.cakeboard18

It’s definitely coming along, but it still needs more accents. So here is my favorite bit: How to antique wood in the sugar world.

Did you see the magic??? I used a combination of dark brown petal dusts. Dilute them with a good dash of lemon extract. Load your paintbrush full and just dab it lightly into every knot and corner, or wherever you might think you need a bit of depth. Isn’t that just brilliant?

And here it is: The decorated cake board!cakeboard21


Happy Caking!


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