Edible Holiday (or any occasion) Bunting

Lately, I am in love with Bunting. The edible kind of course. It’s a super sweet and easy way to personalize any cake and it works with almost all occasions. You can spell out a name or a ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Congratulations’ or a ‘Happy Holiday’ for example.

The best part for me is that these kind of decorations can be made way in advance. Like a bunting for a Christmas cake right after Thanksgiving. (Ummm, yep that’s me. I always, always work ahead as much as possible, because life happens.)

So here is the how to:

What you will need:

Gum Paste, diamond cutters, single edged razor blade, #2 piping tip, gel paste colors, embosser letters,  paintbrush, rolling pin, scissors, twine and 2 bamboo skewers.

Get yourself a bucket of Satin Ice Gum Paste. It works beautifully and lasts in an airtight container for a very long time. If you would prefer to make your own, the famous Nicholas Lodge has a great recipe found here!, and roll it out to maybe an 1/8 of an inch.

Take a small diamond cutter, (oh I don’t know why but all celebratory messages are immensely looong. Worst of all is ‘Happy Anniversary’ in my humble opinion, and that mostly needs to be put on small cakes. So there, small diamond cutter please!) and cut as many diamonds as you need in letters, plus a few extra.

Line your diamonds up in a line and cut about the top third off. The tool to use, the one tool I use for every single project is a single edged razor blade. Perfectly straight cut lines, every time.

Now for the letters there are many different approaches. You can cut colored letters out with numerous devices, but I find them a bit large at times. For longer phrases and smaller diamonds I prefer working with embosser letters. This set is actually quite sweet, because you can easily snap the letters together to form different words, or you can grab any individual letter and go right ahead.

I added a drop of burgundy in one bowl and leaf green in the other, Holiday colors you know! Dip your paintbrush into the color and add some of it to the extruded letter part of your embosser. Turn it over and push it gently in your diamond and remove. Take a number 2 piping tip, the size depends on the twine you are planning to run through, and punch two holes. One on the upper left, the other on the upper right corner.

Take your twine of choice and feed it through your holes. It will work best if the gum paste had some time to dry. To speed this process up I thread the twine through a big needle and, I guess, sew the diamonds together.

Lastly attach the twine to your skewers. First lay it all out on the table and loop the twine around the skewer at the desired position. First one side then the other. You can either make a knot to attach it more firmly or a drop of glue will take care of it too. Take your finished bunting and insert the skewers into your cake. And done!


Happy Caking!

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